The Curled Coir that we manufacture from Coconut Fiber is highly regraded for its strength and durability. In this age of nylon ropes the fact Curled Coir is still holding fort is due to its ruggedness and versatile. Our range of Curled Coir is highly regarded by our clients. We fabricate the Curled Coir out of aged brown Coir Fiber, which is made from modern technology.

Curled Coir has versatile application. The coir that we manufacture serves as the base of Coir mattresses, Coir cushions, Carpet underlay, seat cushions and rubberized Coir pads. Our expertise in the field has made us one of the most reputed coconut coir rope fabricator.

The Clean and Natural fibre is fed to the hackling machine in which the fibre is loosened, opened out and teased to facilitate easy curling. Then the hackled fibre is fed to the curling machine in which the fibre is straightened passing through the rollers and curled in the spinning head. The curled rope is wound on bobbins and the bobbin head.
Twisted curled coir :Dia 24mm to 30mm
One running meter have : 55 to 60 curled
Moisture content:less than 20%·
Dust :less than 5%·
Long thick fiber (>80mm) min. 20% / long thin fiber max 45% / short thick fiber max 5% / short thin fiber max 15%·
Other Information:-
Pay Mode Terms:L/C (Letter of Credit)
Port of Dispatch: Tuticorion or chennai sea port
Delivery Time: 15 days from after receipt of the 100% advance payment
Packaging Details: 100 kg bundle
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